Confession of me pt.2

After along time we’d been debate, argue one to another.
Finally he said that ‘he lost’
The more we get to know each other.
The more he had shown his curiosity & anxiously bout me.
The more fears I’m feeling inside.
Fears if he’s finally comes up…
Fears if we met…
Fears in Everything…
But mostly fears of losing him…
What can I say…
What should I do…
I’m not a girl who used to make up everyday…
I’m a girl whose definitely love from being Me.
We’ve worked in the same field… he’s officially, while I’m unofficially.
The main reason that we’ve been hold still is GOD.
Let GOD swept away those Fears and turn it all into Joy.
In the name of IXTUS.

# 정군 ♡

Marina bay, South Aussie.

Marina bay, South Aussie.


2meet u..
2c u w/my own eye..
U gave everything what I wanted.
N u do what I suggested u..
(+ if u show me how ur voice’s in singing).

4 i luv who u r..

Just come as u r.. 
I luv u that way..
No need ‘Mask’..
Used what u had..
Coz I luv it that way..
Even though ‘there’s’ numbers of ppl always said that I’m pretty, even a kid say that in everywhere I go..

All I need is someone who luves me in ‘Unconditionally Luv.’
Just b as u r..
Old style or whatever it called..
IF G* had met us..(just continue it w/ur own words)..

I’ll show u how 2live in country side n if u got chance(wishes), I’d like 2bring u 2 d church.
N singing in front of me…

How 2 man’s..
Living in different continent met..
Different thought..
Different ‘ID’..
Never knew b4..(ex.only pics)

But Go in d same direction..
Same purpose..
Most of all..
We have J’yeah ♡ 

Confession of Me

I want him..

I need..

Right now we’re in relationship..

True relationship..

He said..

That he would come immediately..

Ask me 2 b his bride..

It’s all i’m waiting 4..

It’s all i’ve dreamt 4..





I’m hate in both of it..

From d very start G* knew it..HE seek our heart n HE listened 2 our prayers, even with every teardrops that had been fallen..

I put my trust on HIM alone..

Let HE decide..




We’re gonna b One..

Barely can’t sleep…
Give up…
Did i quick 2 response or late…
Did i sooner or later in recognizing…
Didn’t know which one i choose…
Every words he wrote…i can understand it very well…
Every words he wrote…i know it’s 4 ‘me’ or 4 something else…
But when he is gone…my everything was gone also…
Wish that One Day he read this n join with me…together we pray…
Ask G* together…what HE want us 2 b…
Till G* say 2 both of us 2 Carry or Stop…
At d same time time…
At d same moment…


Audrey in Vietnam 1990

top: Visits a mother and child in a small home in Hanoi, Vietnam. 

bottom: Visits a child healthcare center on the outskirts of Hanoi. She watches as a mother breastfeeds her baby. 

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Well done..HIS Luv 4 Us is definitely perfect!!

Well done..HIS Luv 4 Us is definitely perfect!!

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